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swing code examples

Swing desktop demo

This code example demonstrates how to create a Windows like desktop program that allows you to add internal frames (Windows) on top of the main Frame.

Swing components demo

The purpose of this program is to replicate a form that allows a user to enter information about an entity and the program gives the user options on sorting the entities just entered.

Body mass index calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator code example shows how to design a GUI for calculating body mass index. Just enter your height and weight and click Calculate BMI to get your BMI.

Scientific calculator

This is an advanced java scientific calculator that demonstrates on how to use Java Math class to develop a complex calculator.This code program is not complete 100 percent.

How to use bigdecimal in java

This program allows you to enter a light year number into the textbox and converts the number into Kilometers using the BigDecimal class.

Jtree code example

This code example shows how to use JTree component in java. A JTree tree component allows you to work with hierarchical data such as displaying a directory and all its sub-directories.

Jswing font manager

In this code example we want to use the available system fonts to change the font family of a JTextArea. we will also change its style and size.Our class extends JPanel to layout its components.

Java string manipulation

This code example demonstrates how to manipulate strings in java programming language.The program uses a JTextPane to search and highlight string portions found by searching its content.It also repla...

Jlabel demo with country flags

This code example shows how to use JLabel by displaying countries flag along with their respective names in a grid that uses GridLayout manager. In this code we used a simple json file containing c...

Access file information

This code example demonstrates how to access file information using the File class. In this code we used Jtabel and Table model to display info of each file in a selected directory.