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javascript code examples

Using string methods in javascript

This code example shows how to use the Set and Map collections in JavaScript. The code allows the use to observe the behavior by adding,deleting,removing and finding items in the collection

How to write jquery plugin

This code example shows how to write a jQuery plugin. In this code, I have created few functions that make the plugin shuffle a bunch of images.

Vue conditional rendering

This code example shows how to use Vue contional rendering directives such as v-if and v-show to load or show elements already exist in the document. You can play with the check-boxes to load or hid...

Codeparl jquery archive viewer

CodeParl jQuery Archive Viewer for bootstrap 4 allows you to view the content of an archive (.zip) file stored on your server. This plugin display files in a hierarchical structure similar to the o...

Codeparl bootstrap markdown editor

This code example is a full code designed to allows users use markdown as styling tool for comments or description. Markdown editor for Bootstrap with preview is a jQuery plugin.