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html code examples

Html5 local storage demo

Learn how to use HTML5 local storage written in JavaScript within HTML and a beautiful small user interface.

Cookie demo

This is a demo code example that shows how to use browser cookies and local storage in javascript embedded in HTML.

Html simple calculator

A Simple calculator written in JavaScript and HTML intended for students who want to practice JavaScript concepts by writing real-world code example.

Html mobile menu

This simple code example shows you how to make a mobile menu which is initially hidden and visible by clicking the menu icon.

Html5 drag and drop

Drag And Drop code example demonstrates how to use the drag and drop API in JavaScript and HTML . It allows the user to browse a number of images to be used to drag. this is done by pointing on...

Set the camera resolution

This code example shows how to set different resolutions of the recorded video from a webcam in html5 webcam API.

How to use getusermedia in html5

Taking screenshots with webcam by using getUserMedia, this code example is very simple and shows how to use the html5 video element to take screenshots by using getUserMedia API which interacts with...

Html navigation menus

This code example shows how to create beautiful navigation menus. We created four navigation menus to demonstrate how to design different menu types such as simple, horizontal, deep horizontal , vert...

How to make tabs in html

A simple code example that shows how to design a nice tab using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Please try to view this code as a codePen by clicking the button view CodePen when previewing this code.

Html5 form elements part 1

This is a simple demonstration on how to construct html5 form elements.Please download the code and use chrome or Firefox to open the index.HTML file.